A vegetable-based tint designed specifically for use around the eyes.

Brow tinting is a great service to make sparse brows seem more filled in without having to apply make-up daily. Or, tinting may be used to darken light colored brows. Great alternative to tweezing out those grays too! A tint will last anywhere from two to four weeks. $16

Eyelash tinting is an amazing way to get your lashes looking darker & longer without having to apply mascara! A carefully applied tint is applied to the lashes using a precise brush. Great for brides, summertime when you're poolside or heading off for vacation. $36

Makeup Application

A professional makeup application using products by The Balm, Blinc, Sara Happ and others.

Makeup Application A great way to update your look or look great for a special occasion.

Touch up..........$35

Full Application........$65

Special Occasions........$80

Services Performed by Licensed Aestheticians